@Excelbeginner.com FAQ

1. How do I use Listi?
2. What does it cost to use Listi?
3. Can I help you with Listi.net?
4. I don't see the links to change or delete an item. Where did they go?
5. Is there a video that shows how to use Listi?
6. How do you pronounce Listi? - List - eee
7. What is a Listi?
8. What does the n c d ↑ ↓ t mean?
9. My list isn't showing up in the Public List directory?
10. How do I show the number of items in a list?
11. How can I invest in your company?
12. What does alpha mean?
13. Are you a public company? - No
14. What's with the random pictures on the bottom?
15. Why can't I tweet a list that's not public?
16. Why doesn't muliple spaces apear when I enter them?
17. What does prototype mean?
18. Why can't I modify a public list?
19. How to I reorder items in my Listi?
20. What's the difference between Beginner and Advanced Users
21. Why does a list have bullets and not numbers?
22. There are many websites that allow you to make lists, why should I use yours?
23. Why do I need Listi? Can't I just keep a list on a piece of paper?
24. What is a List comment?
25. How to I get system to not auto-format a list comment?
26. How to color an item in a list?
27. How did you create the Alec Berg's Favorite Song List?
28. How do you filter a list?
29. How do you create a strikethrough aka cross-out effect
30. How do you highlight in Yellow?
31. How do I include Greek Letters in a list?
32. How to create an overline?
33. How to open a link in a new window?
34. Why does task have an underline but not a link?
35. How do you display something in bold or italic