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How is this Magic Trick Done?

How is this Magic Trick Done?

OK, now that you?re a beginning juggler, I want you to put your magic hat on.

The next step on your road to learning Excel is to figure things out.  You?ll need an internet connection for this. I want you to watch the two magic tricks, one is called Gravity Quarters and the other is Three-card Monte. You can view them on http://ExcelBeginner.com/Magic.htm and see if you can figure out how they are done. Enter your name and email address in the fields and you?ll receive the answer in a week by email.

I want you to really see if you can figure out how the tricks are done. Even if you don?t figure out how the tricks are done it?s important to try. Note, there is no editing in the video to accomplish the trick.  Please don?t cheat by asking Mr. Google as you only get the benefit by trying to solve the trick.

The reason for this is while using Excel it won?t behave the way you want it to. You?ll have to use your brain to figure it out. That is what you?re practicing here.

The key here is your assumptions. If you assume I have magical powers and have the ability to bend space-time you will not figure out how I did the trick.

The first assumption to make is that I don?t have magical powers. Most people will assume that I used video manipulation. But I didn?t. You must keep in your mind that I?m doing something that you?re not seeing. Try working backwards from the result and figure out what I had to do to make the trick work.

Believe it or not this skill is key to learning Excel and becoming an expert.
Ok, to see how the tricks are done go to http://ExcelBeginner/MagicSolution.htm

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