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Give it a Try

I?ll make a few assumptions:
  • You have Excel installed on your computer
  • You know how to start programs on your computer

    I want you to go to Excel, open it and use it for at least 30 minutes to figure out what it does.

    One of the nice things about learning Excel is that you probably won?t get hurt (Ok, you could get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, need reading glasses and bad posture).

    The key to learning is to not be afraid to make mistakes. No one is watching you. (You could have a virus on your computer and a group of 10 million users are watching you and laughing ;)

    Think of traveling to a new city that you?ve never been to before. Everything is confusing and you don?t know where anything is. You might not even speak that language.

    Learning Excel will feel the same at first. But don?t give up. At first everything is annoying, cumbersome and hard to use. Walk around Excel, explore. Open doors and see what?s inside.

    We?ll get to some terms in the next lesson but for now take out that kid that was once in you unafraid to make mistakes, curious about the world and unable to stop until you were successful.

    I know that kid is inside of you but repressed for many years. Let them out. The idea here is to have fun. There are no tests to take. I won?t embarrass you. No one is looking. It?s your time join all the computer literate people in the world.

    Ok, some things you need to try and figure out.
  • Use your mouse to click and hover around.
  • Experiment, try whatever looks interesting
  • Try  coloring
  • Typing
  • Experiment with various keys
  • Right, left and double click all over the place

    You can watch a video at http://ExcelBeginner/TryIt.htm which will step you through this process.


  • Hover ? to place cursor over an object
  • Cursor ? arrow that tells you where mouse is located or indi-cator as to where your typing will go
  • Click ? Pressing a mouse button
  • Right Click ? Pressing the right mouse button
  • Left Click ? Pressing the left mouse button
  • Double Click ? Pressing the left mouse button two times in quick succession


    Using Excel, create a chess or checker board. It should be 8 rows by 8 columns of alternating red/black or white/black with a border around it. The final appearance should look like this.


    You need to
  • resize rows
  • resize columns
  • select rows
  • select column
  • draw a border
  • Set the fill color

    See if you can figure out yourself how to do this. Take a few minutes. If you?ve failed, then use Google to help you by search on each of the topics like ?Excel resize rows.?

    You can view a video to view the creation of the chess board is at http://ExcelBeginner.com/Chessboard.htm

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