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Why a Little Book?

Excel books are big. The average book on Excel is 800 pages. Now there may be lots of useful information in there, but not to a beginner.

The Little Book is less than 200 pages, and it's little. This book will not make you an Excel expert. That will come with only 10,000 hours of using Excel or buying the book "The Little Book that makes you an Excel Expert".

It will teach you what you need to get started with Excel.  Think of it as the 80/20 guide giving you the 20% of Excel that gives you 80% of the benefit.

Learning Excel is like learning how to ride a bike. Ok, you can't ride a bike, then it's like learning to swim. You can't swim either. Go home and learn to do one of those tasks before you buy this book.

What you Need

You will need a copy of Microsoft Excel to get the most out of this book. If you don't have one you can download a trial at the Microsoft website.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone with basic computer skills, normal intelligence who wants to learn Excel.

You may have taken a course in college and hated Excel. Hopefully, I can change your mind on this.

How to Learn

This book will take you step by step through lessons and exercises that will teach you Excel.

Everything you know today at one time you didn't know, even how to walk and talk. You didn't need a book. You experimented, tried, failed and tried again. You may have got some bruises, but you kept at it.

This book actually can't teach you Excel. You will learn Excel by doing, trying, failing and suffering (Ok not that much suffering).

The key is experimentation. Think of this book as your guide.

Limitations of this book

This book is based on Excel 2007 and may not be compatible with other versions of Excel.

This book makes some assumptions about you. You're good looking, well-built, intelligent and are going to be rich in the near future.

Actually, I'm assuming that you know how to use a computer and know Microsoft Windows. If you don't you may want to start with "The Little Book that Teaches Microsoft Windows."

If you're IQ is less than 50 or over you're over 85 years old or don't have enough money to buy this book, forgettah-bout-it. You ain't got no chance to learn Excel if you haven't already.  For everyone else read on.

This book is for beginners to Excel. If you're already a beginner you should get the book "The Little Book that teaches you to be an Excel Star" (I'm working on the title).

About the Author

My name is Al Berg, though you should already know this from the cover. I've learned many things over the course of my life and I'll use these lessons to make it easier for you to learn Excel.

I've worked with Excel for over 10 years mainly in the financial industry, currently for Banko Fame Rica. If you've never heard of them just ask Mr. Google. (for those living in a cave that's http://Google.com)

I've developed spreadsheets for many companies including Hedge Funds, Banks and Brokerage firms. After years of developing with Excel I've realized there is practically no application you can't develop in Excel.

Why Learn Excel?

There are a number of reasons to learn Excel the most important ones are:
  • Excel is fun
  • Excel can increase your salary
  • Excel can make you smarter
  • I've gotten over 60,000 followers in twitter using Excel
  • I tripled my initial investment in the stock market using Excel
  • I used Excel to help manage accounting for my business
  • I used Excel to help select a hockey lineup while coaching

    What can Excel Do?

    With Microsoft Excel, you can:
    Create a checkbook
    Calculate your net worth
    Automate your usage of other software like twitter
    Make investment decisions
    Help you plan
    Help you track anything
    Develop Reports
    Beat the Stock Market
    Prototype ideas

    There is even a Pac-man game written using Excel


    If you want to view videos and see more examples go to our website ExcelBeginner.com

    Ok, enough of this idle chatter. Turn the page to get started.